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My YouTube podcast, Immigrant Faith Stories, will be re-launched in April 2023 as Far from Home!

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Far from Home with Mabel Ninan – Coming Soon!

Immigration is one of the world’s greatest challenges. The rhetoric about migrants is becoming hateful and divisive not only in America but around the world. How is a Christian supposed to react to this hot button issue?

My goal is to encourage believers to think biblically about immigration because immigration is first and foremost a biblical and a faith-forming issue rather than a political one.

Hospitality toward strangers is the quintessential Christian virtue. But even more than that, it must translate into a greater understanding of the identity of the universal church and our role in building the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God which includes people from all tribes, tongues, cultures, and expressions of Christian faith.

Join me as I talk with immigrants and refugees and unpack their personal stories. Listen to them share how God was faithful and good to them through the good and bad times and across borders of countries and be inspired to trust in God’s sovereignty and plans. Join me as I talk with theologians, pastors, authors, and ministry leaders who help us discover how migration intersects with theology, missions, and other aspects of our faith.

I hope that by adopting a biblical mindset on immigration you will be challenged to put your faith in action by welcoming and loving immigrants and refugees.

God is at work, shaping not only individuals but also churches and communities through the movement of people, locally as well as globally. We can participate in God’s plans by prioritizing the expansion of His kingdom over our personal comfort or the preservation of national culture and identity.

Some of the podcast episodes will be available on my YouTube channel, MabelNinan. Be sure to check it out and subscribe to the channel.

Join our private Facebook group, Far from Home Podcast, (coming soon) to access extra scenes and to find community with brothers and sisters who are curious about migration or who are looking for inspiration and encouragement to show radical, countercultural love toward immigrants and refugees.

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