Immigrant Faith Stories

Immigrant Faith Stories features interviews with immigrants from diverse backgrounds.

An international migrant or an immigrant is, technically, a person who has moved from his country of birth to another country for any reason. For the purpose of this project, I’m using the broader term “immigrant” to include refugees, foreign students, expats, and political asylees.

Immigrant Faith Stories is a platform to showcase powerful, diverse testimonies of Christian immigrants. 

No two immigrants share the same story. Some struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation that come from being uprooted (me included) while others manage change better and resettle in their adopted homelands with fewer emotional and spiritual challenges.

Immigrant experiences also differ based on the circumstances in their homeland and in the places where they resettle. Certain countries and regions make it difficult for foreigners to assimilate while others are more welcoming. Regardless, in all these stories we see how believers clung to God in a foreign land and found strength, help, and comfort in Him.

The conversations highlight God’s sovereignty, goodness, and faithfulness in the lives of those who follow God and put their trust in Him. Whether you’re an immigrant or not, you will be able to relate to the stories. I hope you find strength and encouragement to press on in your faith journey.

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Episode #1 – The Prabhakars – An Indian Couple’s Journey in America
Episode #2 – Hahn Schols – The Story of a Vietnamese Refugee
Episode #3 – Winnie Sato – The Story of a Chinese Immigrant from Hong Kong
Episode #4 – Sunil Vuppula – The Story of an Indian Corporate Executive
Episode #4 – – Stephanie Rousselle – The Story of a French Immigrant and a Former Atheist

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