I’m a wife, mom, author, speaker, Bible teacher, and a podcast host.

I’m also an immigrant.

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, I moved to America as a newlywed in 2008. The journey from East to West involved never-before-taken routes into identity crises, separation anxieties, and cultural perplexities.

My immigrant journey overlapped with my spiritual one, completely (and surprisingly) altering my relationship with God.

My eyes were opened as I wrestled with the fundamentals of my identity and my faith. I discovered in a wholly fresh and personal way what it meant to be a sojourner on earth and a citizen of heaven.

I write with a mission to encourage believers to embrace their immigrant identity on earth and pursue their heavenly calling with passion and urgency.

Writing, to me, is not just a creative expression of my thoughts and feelings but also a medium to communicate the joy, purpose, and hope found in Jesus.

I am currently pursuing M.A. in Theological Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. A lover of tea, books, and dancing, I live in Silicon Valley, California, with my husband, nine-year-old son, and a Maltese pup.

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