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About Me

I’m a wife, mom, author, speaker, Bible teacher, and a podcast host.

I’m also an immigrant.

Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, I moved to America as a newlywed in 2008. The journey from East to West involved never-before-taken routes into identity crises, separation anxieties, and cultural perplexities.

My immigrant journey overlapped with my spiritual one, completely (and surprisingly) altering my relationship with God.

My eyes were opened as I wrestled with the fundamentals of my identity and my faith. I discovered in a wholly fresh and personal way what it meant to be a sojourner on earth and a citizen of heaven.

I write with a mission to encourage believers to embrace their immigrant identity on earth and pursue their heavenly calling with passion and urgency.

Writing, to me, is not just a creative expression of my thoughts and feelings but also a medium to communicate the joy, purpose, and hope found in Jesus.

I am currently pursuing M.A. in Theological Studies from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. A lover of tea, books, and dancing, I live in Silicon Valley, California, with my husband, nine-year-old son, and a Maltese pup.

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Shows Great Promise – Winner – Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference 2018.

Most Promising New Writer – Runner-Up – Mount Hermon Writer’s Conference in 2019.

Great Openings Contest (opening page of nonfiction book) – Inspire Christian Writers’ 2020 (Never Far from Home).

Selah, Online Articles – Third Place – Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference 2021 (Do We Look Like Jesus, published in LeadingHearts.com).

Selah, Essays – Winner – Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference 2021 (#LockdownLessons: How the Pandemic Reshaped My Understanding of the Church, published in LeadingHearts.com).

Higher Goals in Christian Journalism 2022, Single Blog Post – Fifth Place – Evangelical Press Association (#LockdownLessons: How the Pandemic Reshaped My Understanding of the Church, published in LeadingHearts.com).

Awards for Far from Home

2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Award – Honorable Mention – New Author, Nonfiction.

2022 Royal Dragonfly Book Award – Honorable Mention – Religion/Spirituality.

2022 Southern Christian Writers Conference Notable Book Award – Winner – Nonfiction, Traditionally Published.

2022 Christian Market Book Award – Winner – Christian Living Book of the Year.


Mabel is passionate about teaching the Bible and making it relevant to her audience. She uses illustrations from her experiences as a wife, mom, Bible teacher, writer, and immigrant to connect with others. Her goal is to encourage believers in their faith journey, challenging them to follow God with passion and courage and inspiring them to get more intimate with Him. She hopes her speaking/teaching instills in believers a deeper love for God’s Word.

Mabel also enjoys exegetical teaching and can prepare teaching sessions based on a certain book of the Bible.

Please email her at mabel@mabelninan.com to book speaking appointments. Mabel can also tailor her speaking to suit your particular needs.

Mabel enjoys the intimate setting that small groups provide and she welcomes the opportunity to share her message with small groups, online or in-person.

Branding Full Picture

Discover Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth (Signature Message)

How and where can we find purpose and joy? Why does it sometimes feel like we’re going through the motions? Based on Mabel’s book, Far from Home: Discovering Your Identity as Foreigners on Earth, this session explores the real reasons behind our restlessness and lack of joy and meaning. We discover what it means to embrace our identity as foreigners on earth and how it can infuse our lives with passion and purpose.

For Heaven's Sake

How does the assurance of heaven impact our lives on earth? How can a heaven-minded attitude keep us from sinking into complacency? Why should eternity be on our minds? By adopting an eternal perspective, we can see everyday things through a heavenly lens. Our actions on earth have eternal implications. For heaven’s sake, let’s fix our eyes on things unseen even as we use every moment on earth as an opportunity to glorify God.


How to Get Rich...It's Not What You Think

Would you like to get richer? Do you want to amass wealth? Jesus commands us to store up long-lasting and incorruptible treasures in heaven, not on earth. How can we practically obey Him? What are these heavenly rewards and treasures that Jesus spoke about often during His earthly ministry? Find out how earthly wealth pales in comparison to heavenly treasures and how we can get richer day by day.


From Creation to New Creation: How the Bible Reveals God's Plan

This is a 5-part teaching session that provides a primer in biblical theology. We’ll trace God’s plan from creation in Genesis till the end in Revelation and see how this is relevant to us. Where do we fit into God’s blueprint for mankind?

How to Interpret the Bible

We will go through the foundational principles of studying the Bible and study tools that will aid in proper study of God’s Word. The Bible contains writing in different genres and we will learn how to interpret each genre differently. This is a multi-part and interactive session where participants will receive hands-on feedback on interpreting particular passages from the Bible. Knowing how to study the Bible correctly helps us better apply it to our lives and grows our faith.

Media Kit

This kit contains Mabel’s professional bio, media one-sheet, headshots, and book cover image.

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Discover Your Spiritual Immigrant Identity

Use this Bible reading plan and devotion to unlock the secret to a purposeful and hope-filled life.

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