Grab a cup of hot cocoa or peppermint mocha, slide into your comfy chair, put on your headphones, and listen to stories that will uplift and encourage you this holiday season.

These episodes of my podcast, Far from Home with Mabel Ninan, gained the most number of views/listens among all episodes published in 2023.

1 – Episode 1 – Meet Kamalini Kumar

Dr. Kamalini Kumar grew up in poverty in India because her parents were refugees from Myanmar but she did not let her circumstances keep her from pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse. Eventually, she became a nurse educator in both Canada as well as the US. Her testimony will encourage you to put God first in your life and keep your eyes focused on Him.

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2 – Episode 9 – Meet Mohan & Sharmini Jacob

Mohan & Sharmini Jacob were born in Sri Lanka but emigrated to India during their youth when a civil war broke out in their homeland. After their marriage, they moved to the UAE and later to the U.S., where initially they faced many challenges, especially when Mohan lost his job. But, through it all, God proved Himself faithful. Their story will inspire you to trust God to provide for your needs.

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3 – Episode 14 – Loving Syrian Refugees with Jody Crimi

Jody felt called by God in 2014 to love and serve the Syrian people. In this episode, she explains how the first steps she took in 2016 toward obeying God’s call led her to establish an incredible ministry that’s making a difference in the Syrian refugees in the San Diego area and testifying to the love of God. Her ministry experience will inspire you to obey God’s call on your call.

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4 – Episode 14 – Meet Paola Barrera

Paola was born in Venezuela, spent a few years as a student in Switzerland, and moved to the U.S. where she finished high school and college. She began working and planned to settle down in the U.S., but circumstances forced her to return to Venezuela, where she became a Third Culture Kid (TCK). She experienced God’s provision and care and mercy during this difficult period in her life. Paola’s story will help you appreciate God’s sovereignty and remind you that He’s at work in your life.

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5 – Episode 3 – Theology & Migration with Daniel Montanez, Part 2

In the second part of my conversation with Daniel Montanez, we continue to trace the history of migration in the Old Testament. Migration continued to play an important and necessary role in the growth of the early church and the spread of the gospel in the New Testament. We also touched upon xenophobia, the fear of strangers, and Jesus’ call to practice xenophilia, which is the love of foreigners. This conversation will enlighten you about how migration intersects with Scripture.

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