Immigrant Faith Stories: Season 2, Episode 5

Will you obey God if He asks you to serve Him in another country?

Meet Naina Mall, the Programming Manager for Pak7, a Pakistani media ministry.

Her family moved from Pakistan to the UK when she was a little girl. After studying communications in college, Naina felt God called her to serve Him in Pakistan. So she left her family and friends behind in the UK and moved to Karachi.

In this episode of Immigrant Faith Stories, Naina talks about her upbringing in England, adjusting to life in Pakistan, and the joy of being in center of God’s will. She also sheds light on what it is like for Christians in Pakistan.

I was honored and blessed to have Naina on my podcast as a guest. She’s an amazing young woman who’s passion for God is contagious.

India and Pakistan are neighboring countries who are not always on friendly terms with one another. It meant a lot to me to interview a Pakistani because I wanted to show that we can unite around our calling our Christians despite the hostility between our nations. We are sisters in Christ.

Naina lives with her husband in Karachi, Pakistan.

Pak7 is a media ministry by and for Pakistani Christians supported from Christians from all around the world. Visit to find out more about their work. Make an impact in the global church by supporting Pak7 –

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