Matthew 28, Revelation 21

No sin, pain, darkness, or death. No more weakness, brokenness, emptiness, weariness, or sadness.

Our future will be free from all those things that make our lives on earth cumbersome and complex. At the same time, it will be full of all that is good and glorious, perfect and true, and holy and joyous.

We have a beautiful and certain future because of Jesus’ empty tomb.

Because Christ arose from the dead, one day, we know that one we too will be resurrected. Like Him, we will have new, glorious bodies. We will live with Him, in perfect unity and intimacy, for all eternity. We will love Him with complete and pure devotion, and love one another, without restraint or guile. Unspeakable joy and immeasurable peace will be ours.

 A new heaven and new earth await us.

Jesus’ resurrection not only guarantees our future but also helps us live our lives here on earth with power and purpose. Jesus ascended into heaven so that we could receive the promised gift of God, the Helper—the Holy Spirit—who is at work in us, equipping and empowering us to love God and live for Him.

But we live in a broken world. Earthly responsibilities wear us down. Temptation and sin do not not escape us. Suffering comes and goes. Pain is a house guest. Uncertainty is a constant.

And that is why Christ’s resurrection gives us hope. When Christ returns, Satan will face eternal defeat. All sin will be exterminated, creation will be restored and God’s kingdom will be firmly established. And believers will not only live with Christ but also reign with Him and share in His glory.

That hope is not just in our hearts. It is evidenced in our changed lives.

Just look at the impact on Jesus’ disciples in the days after they realized the empty tomb was reality. After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to His disciples several times, exhorting them to stay strong and encouraging them to spread the Good News of salvation to the entire world.

The death and resurrection of Jesus had such a profound effect on His disciples that they went on to change the world with His message. Most of the disciples were unschooled fishermen. But Jesus transformed them into history-makers who astounded their contemporaries and inspired believers through the ages.

“…surely, I am with you always, to the very the end of the age.”

What a wonder it is that the Alpha and the Omega, the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, the Resurrection, and the Life is with us always, on earth and in heaven.

See Him for who He is. Leave everything and follow Him. Worship Him. Lift Jesus higher.


In what way are you preparing yourself for Christ’s return?

How does the promise of heaven strengthen and comfort you in your struggles today?

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